concept of sustainable development to the mining industry

2000/6/1Free Online Library: MINING INDUSTRY: MITIGATED OPINION ON SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT COMMUNICATION. by European Report; Banking, finance and accounting Business Business, international The Free Library Business and Industry Banking, finance and accounting European Report June 1, 2000 Description Sustainable development has become an issue of ever increasing importance to the mining industry. The Ernst Young (EY) mining industry risk radar regularly shows several sustainability elements in the top ten risks, with social license the number

Towards Sustainable Mining

Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) is the Mining Association of Canada's (MAC) commitment to responsible mining. It is a set of tools and indicators to drive performance and ensure that key mining risks are managed responsibly at our members' facilities. Adhering

Abstract The importance of the construction industry for the three elements of sustainable development, namely economic growth, social progress and effective protection of the environment, cannot b Simon Elias Bibri, Simon Elias Bibri, Toward the Integration of the Data-Driven City, the Eco-city and the Compact City: Constructing a Future Vision of the Smart Sustainable City, Big Data

decade the concept has been raised to the level of an overarching policy goal for governments. Due to the significance of it, the construction industry is considered as a key sector for achieving sustainable development goals in the UK, as well as, in a global level

2018/7/3The concept of sustainable development has undergone various developmental phases since its introduction. The historical development of the concept saw participation of various organizations and institutions, which nowadays work intensely on the implementation of

The International Council on Mining and Metals, as part of its 10 principles of sustainable development, outlines the following guidelines for the mining industry's positive contribution to the social, economic and institutional development of the communities in

The Sustainability of Mining in Australia (Research

The sustainability of mining is not a simple concept - at first glance it would appear to be an obvious oxymoron, a paradox. Yet in reality, most mineral production is sometimes two or three orders of magnitude higher than a century ago, commonly from mines which dwarf their previous generation.

The environmental pollution is one of the most challenging fields that people has to be faced with. A series of environmental pollution caused by coal mining are closely related to the sustainable development of coal industry and society. Mining environment includes

2020/8/19Abstract Adopting the values of sustainable development implies an increase in the mining industry's environmental and social costs. For an industry already offering poor returns on capital this is potentially a problem. An examination of the historical record, however, reveals that past increases in environmental and social costs have been more than offset by developments in industry

2020/6/4Deep sea mining: the potential convergence of science, industry and sustainable development? As the International Seabed Authority formulates a range of environmental standards and guidelines for deep sea mining within the coming year, we need to consider how science can best navigate an optimal path towards sustainable metal sourcing on land and in the oceans.

This paper highlights the place of mining industry in the alleviation of poverty and the attainment of sustainable development. It articulates some of the challenges faced by the Nigerian mineral industry and reviews some practices for enhanced public participation in the environment, social and economic aspects of the mining circle.

In June 2014, the Qubec Mining Association adopted the Sustainable Development Charter of Mining Companies Working in Qubec, a Charter developped by its members, for its members. Eager to adopt and set up the best practices considering social, environmental and economic issues as well as governing, the QMA members identified six commitments they have to get involved with.

As the demand for more earth-friendly practices by mining companies increase, IoT is helping the industry to achieve sustainable development goals – both environmentally and economically. Learn more about how KORE can assist your organization in its IoT deployment.

The report maps the relationship between mining and the SDGs by using examples of good practice in the industry and existing knowledge and resources in sustainable development New York, USA, 19 July 2016 – Large-scale mining has the potential to play a critical role in helping to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in resource-rich countries, according to a new report

Can mining be sustainable?

In that sense the mining industry might be sustainable. But that is very different to an assertion that mining itself is sustainable. Mining continues because the true cost of extraction and manufacture (destruction of the environment, damage to communities, exploitation of workers etc) is passed on to people who do not have the power to resist and protect themselves.

Sustainable Development Practices and the Minerals Industry Jessica Elzea Kogel GeoIntellus; 2301 Laurel Lane; Augusta, GA, 30904, USA Keywords: minerals, mining, contribution to sustainable development, resource efficiency Abstract The consumption of

The government has approved the concept of mining industry development Government approves mining development concept on August 24. It was instructed to present a list of measures to ensure the implementation of the mining industry development concept within four months after the entry into force of the decision.

'sustainable development and mining' seems to be still somewhat controversial. A major argument against the mining sector contributing to sustainable development is that mineral resources are finite and non-renewable (Cowell et al., 1999) and therefore 1987).

2016/6/23Together, these pillars circumscribe global best practice and innovative ideas to catalyse new and improved approaches to a sustainable mining industry. The author argues that these practices are critical to the future viability and social acceptability of the global mining industry and draws on a range of case studies, including from Australia, Canada, Central Asia, Papua New Guinea and west

Sustainable Development Indicators for the Mining Industry Nicole Smith | The goals of this project are interesting because they aim to identify a set of indicators that can be used by mining companies and governments to assess the mining industry's contributions to sustainable development in the locales where they operate.

4Azapagic, Adisa, "Developing a framework for sustainable development indicators for the mining and minerals industry," Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 12, Issue 6, August 2004, p. 639–662. 5F ytas, K., " Sustainabled ev lopmnt in the C n dian mineral

Commitment to Sustainable Development in the Mining Industry The mining industry began the process of adopting sustainable development (SD) as a paradigm for driving business value and strategy in the late 1990's. Initially the focus was at the executive The

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